Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Nimrods discuss Genesis 10-12

Nimrod. I wonder when his name got associated with being a dimwit? As we discussed Genesis 10-12, it was hard to ignore a name like Nimrod, and to discover his name was full of honour in his day. A mighty hunter before the Lord. We pondered what that might mean together. Our best answer came with the idea of fully accepting and being the man God created him to be. He must have been given supernatural gifts in the area of hunting and he used them to their fullest. I imagine that brought glory to his Creator. I wonder if he was a righteous fellow...

We also discussed the geneologies and got a whole lot more out of them than one would expect. They helped explain a potential contradiction we thought we had found where some of Japheth's descendents seemed to have developed their own languages before God confused the common language at Babel. But upon reading the boring lists of names a little more deeply we found that Japheth's 3rd generation would have lived around the time of Babel. Hopefully this will encourage us to keep reading closely.

Finally we got to Abraham and discussed how he likely would have worshipped other gods before the one true God called him and told him to leave his homeland. There must have been something special that convinced him this voice was better than the voice of his idols (which I proposed were blue, with 3 eyes!). I imagine the voice of the Creator would have resonated more deeply in his bones and soul.

We were also inspired by Abram as he figured out how to have a relationship with God. It must have been pretty interesting starting from scratch without 4000 years of other people telling you how to do it! This was our conclusion as to why he was able to lie to Pharoah about his true relationship with Sarah - God hadn't told him he couldn't lie.

We also think Pharaoh probably did sleep with Sarah, which we were not told about in Sunday School. Things could have been so much more interesting.

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