Thursday, February 21, 2008

where will apathy get us?

hi Friends; this is chelsea contributing. I have a conundrum, so if anyone can help me out, that would be lovely.

I'm involved with helping plan the Good Friday and Easter services at neXt church, and I've signed up to come up with an interactive way to explore the topic of the disciples falling asleep when Jesus asked them to pray in Gethsemane. But this is turning out to be much more difficult than I thought.

Are the disciples having a moment of apathy when they fall asleep instead of praying and waiting?
Or, are they just overwhelmed with distress, and fall asleep out of despair?
Are despair and apathy the same thing?
Did the disciples miss out on something Jesus wanted to show them by being apathetic?

I'm not sure what to think about the disciples; is this section of scripture meant to warn us against not listening to God, or is it simply the way things were meant to unfold in order for Jesus to go to the cross? How do we explore this in an interactive way?

If anyone has any ideas or insights for me, please click the comment button just below.

Friday, February 15, 2008

When I was hungry...

This last Thursday I was talking with a co-worker as we waited for the IT guy to get off the phone. She asked if I had picked up any more work as I'm only working part-time. I said I didn't have the time to work full time as I have this little house project thing going on... She was horrified to hear that I drive homeless folk around and invite homeless friends over to eat dinner with us. Her biggest concern was that I didn't get paid for this extra "work". I didn't bother telling her we had a friend I had met at the shelter living with us for the past two weeks.

I would never take money for what we've gotten to experience over the past two weeks. We had really gotten attached to our new friend and his heart-melting dog; but after 7 years of waiting for a place of his own, he moved into his first apartment tonight. It took alot of waiting for a messed up system to get it's act together, but in the end it seems it will be a happy ending. My heart soared to see how proud he was of his new home. The feeling we all got from actually helping someone get off the streets, and treating them like our Saviour has treated us, could never bought or paid for. I feel like I'm finally doing something worthwhile with my life.

We're sure going to miss having him around...

Friday, February 8, 2008

we love photoshop

We know you've been dying to know our Charasmatic nicknames...

Jason 'Dragon Fruits of the Spirit' Woudsma
Todd 'Hallelujah' Stelmach
Brendan 'Gold Dust from Heaven' Lorimer
Chelsea 'Praise and Worship' Stelmach

And with that in mind, our Spirit Animals (with reasons why) are as follows:

Todd - Bear (Glutton, strong south-paw-edness, brutish)
Chelsea - Turtle (Subdued, protective, thoughtful)
Jason - Wolf (Fear-ocity, leadership, brotherhood, loyalty)
Brendan - Giraffe (Awkward, tall, gentle)

Please browse our human-animal pictures.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

sidewalk mazes are against the law

It was the storm by which all other storms would be measured. February 2nd, 2008. We probably got 3 feet of snow. After waking up late and eating a large breakfast, we, our friend Sean and his dog Star went outside to conquer the snow. The odds were against us...and so were the elements.
Perserverance prevailed and Jabba was created, right on our front lawn. We also created a number of super-fun sidewalk patterns so that people wouldn't have to walk in boring old straight lines. Some people seemed to enjoy our maze-like structures, but others were less than appreciative. In fact, we think that someone may have called in a hit on our sidewalk maze: when the city sidewalk plow machine finally came (four days after the storm) they only plowed our section of the street! Hmmmm, definately suspect.
So, in total, we spent 3 hours creating a Jabba, a sidewalk maze and a fort in our backyard. All in all, it was a very sucessful day, even though we may have raised the wrath of people who prefer their sidewalks straight.

in the beginning...

We are the House Famous, we started in September 2007. There is Jay, Brendan, Chelsea and Todd. Jay is the affable one, Brendan, the amicable. Chelsea's amiable and Todd, well Todd is abominable.

On a good day, we're a community. On a bad day, we're roomates. But we love Jesus on both.
We try and serve the poor and share our stuff, and we believe that Christ meant what he said. We want the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

This will be our story...'n stuff...