Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This past weekend, House Famous took a step back in order to get some perspective and look forward. We retreated to Ben's grandparent's cottage (Thank you Gresiks!!!), where we spent some time reflecting on the past few months, and dreaming about what the future could hold. We looked into God's word, prayed for each other and discerned the direction of our next few actions. We also ate really well, and watched awesome movies. For your viewing pleasure, here is a snapshot of what our time away from home was like:


Marty said...

Hello group. Just wondering what movies you were watching? Movies even good movies take time way from prayer - scripture reading especailly on a retreat. I am just wondering... that is all - and eating eating so well at that. Maybe it whould be a time of fasting and prayer - to seek God's vision - purpose for each individual and as a whole.
I wish I was with you all..I miss you .

The House Famous said...

hey Marty; we have many other times of prayer, study and fasting. The retreat was meant to be a time to celebrate being together again after a summer of being apart, to relax and enjoy each other's company. There is a time for celebration and a time for fasting. Both are important in the life of a community. Peace.

yelsel said...

hey! you finally have a picture of all of you together!