Friday, November 14, 2008

the Advent Conspiracy

The thought of Christmas approaching often makes me feel..... muddled. I feel excited and happy about eating special Christmas foods and treats, seeing family and doing family traditions, like decorating the tree, or going to a candle-light church service on Christmas Eve.

But then I also feel kind of sick and anxious when I think about the mad rush of people throwing money around on meaningless items, the crazy consumption and excessive spending, the emptiness of what our society has turned this holiday into.

Each year, we've attempted to strip away some of the clutter and junk that has become attached to the Christmas season; and each year we've found more and more people doing the same thing, finding hope and meaning without the stacks of presents and insane credit card bills in January.

It's time to re-think Christmas in North America. Click Here if you feel the same.

Or check out this video here.


Cait said...

I really like this and the video. I like the fact that it got me thinking and will get people to challenge what they believe this holiday is all about.

Thanks :)

Marty said...

Christmas - I love Christmas and hate Christmas all at once. Like one of the movies actors said the "silly season" more people commit suicide and do more harm to each other at this time than any other time of year. Stress – debts – obligations of buying gifts – spending time in dysfunctional family members, the list could go on. The good side is people also are forced to think about the son that God gave us. And for us who Love Him, we can gladly sing our praises and adore Him in a more define way that we often do not.
As I walk Dalhousie at night I see houses with the Christmas lights on – the lights in the darkness brings joy – a sense all is well – a reminder that Christ is the Light and we also are His lights in a dark – dark world
By the way I went to view the video and it says it is no longer available

MikeT said...

Reading in the online news about a security guard at Walmart getting trampled to death by frenzied shoppers in New York city on "Black Friday" absolutely disgusted me.

Christmas needs Jesus.