Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday is drop-in day. In February we've been conducting an experiment to see if offering our house up as a drop-in for our homeless friends is helpful in our Fruit Basket (another name for the criss-crossed streets North of Princess) community. We started with lunch after church, for which we had between one and six people show up for about half an hour to eat soup with us. Then one of our guests recommended opening our doors between 5:30pm-8pm when all other downtown drop-ins are closed. Our friends on the street have a much better understanding of what is needed than we will ever know, so we changed our times. This Sunday we had a great time with 6 different people over the full two and half hours allotted to our drop-in. I hope next week is even more fruitful!

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Marty said...

Who is coming to dinner? At my church we have stopped offering food after the services because the "street People" became violent and complaintive. Because one person came late and the food was all goen he picked up a rock to smash someones head in... and others were complaining they wanted a variety of foods served. I guess they were tired of the same old sandwiches evry week.
So are we to do???