Saturday, March 7, 2009

Todd's Day in Court!

So, it's all over until April 6th, when the judge will make his final decision on the matter.
Here is some great coverage from our local media about our day in court:

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement!
Todd and Chelsea


todd said...

I think the record title is a little unfortunate. I did say that David described the census he called as a "grave sin" due to it's connection to militarism, I did not say complying on my part would be a grave sin. Regardless, the reporter got most of my thoughts right, and I'm glad she included the scripture in her story.

MikeT said...

Hey Todd, wish I could have been there for you, though I determined it was impossible to drop my wife off at school at 8:15 and then drive from Toronto to Brockville in time for 10 am. Nonetheless, I wanted to let you know at 10 I was speaking to the Supreme Judge on your behalf.

God bless you, the census situation disturbs me too.