Sunday, June 7, 2009

Freedom Sale 2!!!!!!

It's that time of year again! Saturday June 20th we will be performing the sequel to last year's very successful FREEDOM SALE. Last year we were able to raise over $500 for the Crisis Pregnancy Centre.

This year we hope to raise funds for Home Base Housing's new Joseph Street Complex. They have built a 24 unit building for the purpose of providing supportive housing to previously homeless people in Kingston. Since we work a lot with homeless folk in this town, we want to be supportive of good ideas like this that make an honest attempt to bring an end to homelessness in our city. Check it out here.

All money raised by the sale will go toward this project!

This is a great chance to "Free" yourself from any unnecessary clutter around your home and donate useful stuff to our glorified yardsale!

We are looking for things like: housewares, kitchen gadgets and tools, clothing, books, DVDs, CDs, books, and anything else hanging around your house that might have some value to someone else. We would love to sell your stuff. Bring it by 49 or 51 York Street sometime before the 20th.

And come and buy stuff too!

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Anonymous said...

hey all,
this has almost nothing to do with the freedom sale, but here's how to get a nice, cheap rain barrel!