Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Well friends, family, loved ones and all those who attended, the premiere of "House Famous Movie Film" was a hit. We hope you all enjoyed the beverages, company and especially the hosts.
Okay, let's not forget about the film either. As promised the results.

Quick Note: The nominees are comprised of all those who received at least one vote in their category, the winner is the one with the most votes.

Best Actor Nominees.
Black shirted Mormon

And the Winner is... Brendan!!!

Best Actress Nominees.

And the Winner is... Chelsea!!!

Best Scene Nominees.
Welcome, Intern (Intern shunning at dinner)
Cookies + Friends (Andrew wanting to bake with Brendan)
Fun and Games (Interviews about monopoly)
Kitchen to Go (Liz making a huge mess)
Respect Your Elders (a fight with mormons)

And the Winner is... Welcome, Intern!!!

Best Cameo Nominees

And the Winner is... Mormons!!!

Best Costume Nominees.
Brendan's Beard
Jason (without a shirt)
A sleepless goat shirt
a shirt
shannon (at breakfast)
Todd's Beard
All beards
Andrew (as a chef)

And the Winner is... Jason (without a shirt)

Best Set Design Nominees
Pile of Blankets

And the Winner is... The Dumpster

A Note. In the category "Best Score" there seemed to be some confusion, not only from the voting members but also the panel of judges who deal with such issues. In light of this matter, the Award for Best Score has gone to Hans Zimmer for The Dark Knight. Thank You

Finally we asked you the audience to tell us which descriptor you felt best suited the film. Some of you felt moved by it, many of you felt that it was appropriate to title the film "funniest we have ever seen, in our whole lives, ever!"
We thank you.
But more than any other word to be associated with the House Famous Movie Film, you the viewers elected the film be described as


We couldn't agree more.

So there you have it, a list of the bests of House Famous Movie Film. The creators of the film would like to thank you all for your support and participation.


Mr. Rosewater said...

BRENDAN!!!! The Academy is a bunch of morons! Anyone but Brendan!

Samuel L. Jackson said...

I gotta say, I agree with the best costume award, Jay is HOT! Welcome Intern was a solid film, but I would have thrown my vote behind Monopoly Night. Best actress to Chelsea was a pleasant surprise. God love her! But Brendan! He can't act his way out of a wet paper bag!

Todd Stelmach said...

I have to admit, I feel bitter. Once again the academy has refused to recognize my talents and voted instead for the latest heartthrob to come along... When will movies stop awarding boytoys and start honouring true artistry.