Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Clean up the block!!!

Pitch-in Kingston missed us...

So it's up to the House Famous and Friends to clean up the Fruit Basket!

There's lots of garbage and dirt on the street that needs tidying, so bring out your gloves, garbage bags, rakes, etc to NeXt Church this sunday, May 4th and help us clean up the neighbourhood! We'll get together after church, eat a quick lunch, and hit the streets by about 1:30pm.
If you're late, come looking for scruffy folk with garbage bags in the York, Colborne, Raglan, Barrie, Main area of that tangled mess of streets we like to call home!


J-Roc said...

I'll be there - know wha I'm sayinnnnnn!!!!

Marty said...

What a witness, what a testimony of the love of Christ. Keep up the good work and people will noticed