Sunday, April 13, 2008

...your progress and joy in the faith.

Things are looking busy at The House Famous. It seems that the 4 of us are now wrapping up the first leg of this journey as we'll be having 3 more members join us in this thing called community. As of May 1st, we will have not one but two houses to call our home! We have taken the other half of our house, 51 York, and we're expanding this house of hospitality...for better or worse :D.
In addition to these things, our summer is shaping up to be a big change for all of us. I (Brendan) will be going to the Dominican Republic for a little less than 2 months, and Jay will be at Camp IAWAH for the whole summer. I think our goal is try and keep giving this house to God, and to try not to get in the way of His plan for us. Ever onward!

Change is not easy for me, but I take comfort in knowing God calls us to change and to progress in our faith with Him.
May this progress bring joy as we march on...

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GravenRecords said...

good things to come, for shizzle. i think the house famous should have their own 24/7 live internet camera feed, with multiple cameras in the house. then it could become like big brother. and you could vote each other out of the house. and people could watch it.
until that day comes, I can't say I fully support what you're doing.