Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The God Who Sees...

El Roi. The God who sees.
Hagar, a mistreated slave impregnated by her mistress's husband, runs away from her oppressor with no other plan but to escape. This story sounds familiar. It happened in the USA on numerous plantations. It happened in Canada in residential schools. It happens in brothels and sweatshops. I hate that it has been happening since before the writing of Genesis. But it continues to happen no matter how much I or any human hates it. It continues to happen whether we fight it or not. And that is why we need a God Who Sees.
Though the oppressor wins time and time again. Though the enemy of the oppressed encroaches on territory that includes their very bodies. There is a God Who Sees.
And He is on the side of the oppressed. Justice will be served. And there will be a better world.
Our job is to live like that Justice is obvious, that the better World is already here, and that though we seem to fail, our attempts at this Life are worth the effort.

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