Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Tale About Genesis 13-15

Abram sat down on the dusty, dry ground as he surveyed his days work. What a day it had been. First the LORD told him to track down a bunch of three year old animals and 2 birds and kill them. That wasn't so bad but the birds made life a little difficult. But then he had to cut them all in half. It seemed like it would be easy at first but then he discovered that a bone would not easily yield to his axe of bronze and that made life very difficult because cows have a lot of bones. It took him most of the day to get through the cow, the goat, and the ram but at last he was finished with that.

He wiped some sweat from his brow and looked over the odd scene; animals laid out, cut and mangled into two rough halves, and a pair of birds laying out. He wondered how long it would take for God to do whatever it was he intended to do. He had no doubt that this God would do something but he just wasn't sure when. Maybe it would be like that time when Melchizedek came out to bless him but only AFTER he started walking home. God always had his own timing for blessing for Abram, as long as Abram followed God.

After a while when the sun began heading downwards, the vultures began to circle overhead of Abram and he wondered if they would go after the gruesome scene before him while he was seated here. Sure enough, a little while later one of them got daring and headed for the heifer. Abraham got up and chased after it, yelling. It looked at him for a moment and then flew away. He returned to his seat but as soon as he had gotten comfortable, another one swooped down and headed for something hanging out of the ram. Abram leapt to his feet and chased after it, once again yelling. He decided it would be best to stay standing near the animals.

Then came night and Abram grew tired of standing. He sat and looked up; no vultures. He found the ground to be quite comfortable now and laid down to have a nap. He was sure God would wake him when he came.....

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Marty said...

Just think of the drying blood the rotting smell in the heat of the day - and then flies--- O the flies 1000 up 1000's buzzing irritating.