Tuesday, February 5, 2008

sidewalk mazes are against the law

It was the storm by which all other storms would be measured. February 2nd, 2008. We probably got 3 feet of snow. After waking up late and eating a large breakfast, we, our friend Sean and his dog Star went outside to conquer the snow. The odds were against us...and so were the elements.
Perserverance prevailed and Jabba was created, right on our front lawn. We also created a number of super-fun sidewalk patterns so that people wouldn't have to walk in boring old straight lines. Some people seemed to enjoy our maze-like structures, but others were less than appreciative. In fact, we think that someone may have called in a hit on our sidewalk maze: when the city sidewalk plow machine finally came (four days after the storm) they only plowed our section of the street! Hmmmm, definately suspect.
So, in total, we spent 3 hours creating a Jabba, a sidewalk maze and a fort in our backyard. All in all, it was a very sucessful day, even though we may have raised the wrath of people who prefer their sidewalks straight.


yelsel said...

i walked passed your house the other night and saw that. it totally cracked me up! i swear it put a little bounce in my step :)

Grzesik said...

you should stage a protest about the city's outrageous ban on sidewalk mazes.

Marty said...

This is Marty - first impressions I hope you are not creating an idol out of snow - the OT is full of idols made of wood and stone but snow is not mention of.

Ian said...

now that we're supposd to be getting 50cm's of snow, you should totally create another, more elaborate one