Friday, February 8, 2008

we love photoshop

We know you've been dying to know our Charasmatic nicknames...

Jason 'Dragon Fruits of the Spirit' Woudsma
Todd 'Hallelujah' Stelmach
Brendan 'Gold Dust from Heaven' Lorimer
Chelsea 'Praise and Worship' Stelmach

And with that in mind, our Spirit Animals (with reasons why) are as follows:

Todd - Bear (Glutton, strong south-paw-edness, brutish)
Chelsea - Turtle (Subdued, protective, thoughtful)
Jason - Wolf (Fear-ocity, leadership, brotherhood, loyalty)
Brendan - Giraffe (Awkward, tall, gentle)

Please browse our human-animal pictures.


Brenda said...

I've thought of an animal that is otter...because he loves playing in the water....waterskiing, wakeboarding....and he's fun loving. What do you think????

It was good to get to know all of you that live at the 'house' today. You're a great group and I know Ben will love being a part of what you have going there.

Grzesik said...

I waited so long to see this and it was definitely worth it.