Sunday, March 2, 2008

One of the things I find the hardest with running our little house of hospitality is when people leave unannounced. We have a frequent guest who comes and goes very freely, and when he goes I always wonder if we've done something wrong or bored him out of his skull. I usually find out later that it's more that he doesn't want to overuse our hospitality, but I still wish things ended with more closure.

Another insecurity I have with our homeless friends is how uncool I am. I don't know how to talk in ways that will be relevant to someone living in the shelter; and when they come to stay with us, I don't know how to entertain them as guests. I don't know the first thing about street drugs, I don't get drunk, I haven't been in a fight since I was 12, I don't really get UFC, we don't have a tv, and I think video games are a waste of time... The only things I really find interesting are books, nerdy board games, movies and Christianity. BOR-ing!

I really hope kindness and hospitality are enough.


Chris said...
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Chris said...

i personaly think that alot of people may find it refreshing to be in your presence instead of around people who do all those things. the fact that you are not a fighter or an agresssive person at all makes it a more safe and secure place for that person to go to.

yelsel said...

you DON'T get UFC?!?! oh COME ON!! i strongly disapprove of that. i think you should watch it with me and melinda. you may discover a new appreciate for it.

p.s. you are a little boring :p

yelsel said...

HAHAHA. you know what i just realize?!?! you DIDN'T say UHF. i totally thought you were talking about UHF. please forgive/ignore me.

Anonymous said...

UHF is a damn good movie. I didn't know you and Melinder liked watching the Fights :)

Anonymous said...


all you can do is use best the time youve been given.

the rest is window dressing.

i'd say you're doing that.

love your brother

Marty said...

House Famous this is me Marty - this is my second time trying to post this message.. Thank you for offering me and Dalhouisie a bed and a comfortable place to stay as I was preparing to move to BC. I want to remind you that Jesus said if you offer any of his saints a cup of water he will repay you. I am a saint I belong to Christ and I know he does not like being in debt to anyone and so the love and hospitaility shown to me will be repayed By my Lord Jesus. Wait for it.