Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Resurrection Sunday is my favorite day of the year - every year. It's become special ever since I began taking lent seriously. In my Bethel years, Easter was a day I got to baptize some of my friends. At Iawah, Easter meant a trip into Kingston.

Now that we live in Kingston, it was an extra special Easter. We started it off with a sunrise service in which the liturgy was timed perfectly with the first rising of the sun. We all got a little misty with wonder as we saw that burst of light reminding us of our Savior's resurrection.

After the early service we had breakfast at NeXt church and we got to eat with some of our friends from the shelter. Wolfe Island Bakery supplied us with more food than we could have ever imagined, so everyone ate really well!

The Eleven O'clock service was also really special with all sorts of rainbow streamers, and colourful crosses, and really good music belted out with passion. But the thing that moved me most was the amazing blessing of being able to sit in the same pew as all the different homeless guests we've had at the House Famous. God does everything so beautifully.

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